Set Absurd Expectations (Part 1 of 7 – Your Big Dream)




This podcast kicks off the “Your Big Dream” 7-part season where we’re going to share messages that resonate with a broader audience, and not just the entrepreneur.  Whether you’re a student, someone in big business, a housewife, or just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey – the Your Big Dream season is for you.  So, sit back and spend some time with us.  Let your dreams begin.

The first session, “Set Absurd Expectations” talks about how adults wake up one day and find themselves living a hectic life that is too serious, too stressed, and too focused on our responsibilities.  In this podcast, we encourage you to daydream like you did as a child when everything seemed possible.  The discussion includes a focus on both the big ambitions and the small ones and why those are both important.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The value of daydreaming about your future like a child does
  • The difference between big ambitions and small ambitions and why they are both important
  • It’s not selfish to dedicate some time to yourself to daydream
  • Smaller ambitions might seem silly or whimsical but they’re important to living a fulfilled life

In this episode, we’ll challenge you to:

  • Block 2 hours for yourself to daydream
  • Make a list of all your ambitions, big and small. Don’t worry about how you’ll accomplish them for now, just write them down.
  • Revisit your “Fun List” if you have one. We covered how to make a fun list in the episode Do you have a fun list?


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