Expect Setbacks (Part 5 of 7 – Your Big Dream)




This podcast talks about why it’s important to expect setbacks.  Anticipating them and figuring out how to move forward is a powerful part of achieving your big dream.  It’s important that you understand that roadblocks don’t mean you should stop chasing your big dream.  We ask you a series of questions that will help you navigate and understand your setbacks.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Setbacks don’t mean you’re not meant to do something
  • That some setbacks are easier to move past than others
  • Why it’s important to not over-identify with your setbacks
  • That when you’re really committed to something, setbacks shouldn’t stop you

In this episode, we’ll challenge you to:

  • Look back and think about your earlier setbacks, think about what went well and what didn’t, and how you’d do it differently
  • Look forward and anticipate 3 setbacks you might encounter and identify ways to overcome them


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