90 Days, 25 Years and 100 Tries

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Welcome to This episode of the The Riadi Club Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss how to not stress about time and how a 90 Days, 25 Years, 100 Tries strategy helps you set and achieve big goals.  If you want to learn a simple way of thinking about both the now and the future, have an abundance of time to get so much done, and get over your fear of failure, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • A simple way of thinking about the present and the future so that you don’t have to stress about time.
  • We challenge you to think in terms of 25 years and how you can get 100 tries to achieve that 25-year goal.
  • How giving yourself 25 years to achieve your goals removes the fear of failure and eliminates the scarcity of time.
  • Why this strategy works for ambitious entrepreneurs but isn’t a great strategy for people who aren’t motivated.

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Learn more about the 90 Days, 25 Years, 100 Tries approach to your business at http://akwade.website/riadi/71

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