How healthy is your business?

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Welcome to This episode of The Riadi Club Podcast.    

It’s common for someone to ask you how big your business is or how many employees you have.  But has anyone asked you how healthy your business is?  In this podcast we want you to start thinking differently about the health of your business and how you view profits.  We challenge you to pay yourself first. 

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • Why the health of your business is more important than the size of your business 
  • Why it’s important to pay yourself first  
  • How to flip the traditional Revenue – Expenses = Profit formula on its head 
  • The true difference between Revenue and Real Revenue  
  • A plan to focus on a health business regardless of its size  


More information 

Profits First by Mike Michalowicz 


Source: Profits First by Mike Michalowicz  

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