Are You Chasing The Sunset?

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In this podcast episode, we talk specifically to entrepreneurs and highly ambitious people who have a sense of dissatisfaction or frustration.  While everything might look perfect to the outside world, entrepreneurs often have a sense of disenchantment – something we call “Chasing the sunset.”   We talk about the concept of the Gap and why it’s common for entrepreneurs who are measuring themselves against their ideals.  This podcast also includes discussion about three tools that can help you become happier and more fulfilled as an entrepreneur.    

In this episode, you’ll discover:  

  • More about what the discontent and frustration is and why you have it 
  • Why some entrepreneurs are happy and fulfilled and others are not  
  • Tools that can help you become a happier and more fulfilled entrepreneur  
  • The concept of The Gap and the Gain  
  • How an entrepreneur’s brain is different, and why self-awareness is important  

In this episode, we’ll challenge you to:  

  • Measure against specifics and not generalities  
  • How to measure your success backwards 
  • Appreciate the past  

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The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan  

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