How a 1% Improvement Makes You 37 Times Better

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In this episode, we discuss why some people accomplish their goals while others don’t – including a story about the British cycling team who made small improvements to build a very successful team.

Some entrepreneurs are wildly successful (which doesn’t mean they have a big business necessarily) and we discuss what they’re doing different than the entrepreneurs aren’t as successful.  We focus on the importance of making small, incremental improvements over time and the significant impact it can have on your life and business.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why small, 1% improvements can make a big difference over time and help you transform your business
  • How making a 1% improvement in one part of your business can affect other areas of your business and your life
  • The concept of habit stacking and the value of adding new habits to ones you already have
  • Why all you need is a slight edge over your competition to be on top of the pack

In this episode, we’ll challenge you to:

  • Target a 1% improvement every day
  • Consider how you can stack new habits with habits you’re already doing

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

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