Revenue – Profits = Expenses

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with profitability.  Maybe it’s time for you to look at how you calculate profit in a whole new way.  Daoud Kakish shares how he calculates profit for his successful business, and why he never treats profits as left overs.

Why Traditional Accounting Doesn’t Work For The Entrepreneur?

In this podcast, Daoud Kakish shares why entrepreneurs should focus first on building profit in their business.  He gives practical advice on how to make that a habit.

So What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Most entrepreneurial ventures fail. But there are different models of entrepreneurship and you can improve your likelihood of success if you understand what kind of entrepreneur you are and what that means.  Daoud Kakish helps you navigate the different models.

What Is Your Unique Ability?

Your area of unique ability is where you add the most value to your team and customers, and brings you energy and financial success. Are you spending your time working in the area of your Unique Ability? How do you know? This podcast highlights two exercises you can do to figure out what your Unique Ability is and how to use it to succeed in your business and in life.

Unique Ability and Money Quadrants

Your Unique Ability and Money Quadrant is like a mental map that lets you see where you are today in relation to where you want to be. In this podcast, Daoud Kakish introduces you to the concept and walks you through how to find it and use it.

Why 80% is better than 100% ?

Our speaker Daoud Kakish encourages entrepreneurs to approach every venture or challenge with an 80% mindset. He explains what he means by that in our podcast.

Daily and Weekly Productivity

When you have a plan or a focus for the day, you get more done and each day adds up to a highly productive week. Our podcast helps you achieve that.

How To Catch The Sunset?

In this podcast, Daoud Kakish explains that successful entrepreneurs measure themselves by looking backwards to see how far they’ve come, not by how far they have to go to reach their ideals.

Why Entrepreneurs Are The Real Heroes

Entrepreneurs are probably one of the most misunderstood group of people around the world.  They’re crazy enough to fail and keep trying.  Find out why Daoud Kakish thinks they are the real heroes.

Time Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs

Feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish everything you want to as a busy entrepreneur? You’re not alone.  Daoud Kakish shares tips to help you balance your time so you can achieve both your goals and enjoy life to its fullest.